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Journal Article
Palanca, J., E. del Val, A. Garcia-Fornes, H. Billhardt, J. M. Corchado, and V. Julián, "Designing a goal-oriented smart-home environment", Information Systems Frontiers, no. 20 (1), USA, Springer, pp. 125-142, 2016.
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Hermoso, R., H. Billhardt, and S. Ossowski, "Dynamic Evolution of Role Taxonomies through Multidimensional Clustering in Multiagent Organizations", Principles of Practice in Multi-Agent Systems, 12th International Conference (PRIMA 2009), Nagoya, Japan - LNAI, no. 5925, pp. 587-594, 2009.
Hermoso, R., H. Billhardt, R. Centeno, and S. Ossowski, "Effective Use of Organisational Abstractions for Confidence Models", Engineering Societies in the Agents World VII, 7th International Workshop (ESAW 2006) - LNAI, no. 4457, pp. 368-383, 2007.
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Hermoso, R., H. Billhardt, and S. Ossowski, "Trust-based Role Coordination in Task-oriented Multiagent Systems", Knowledge-Based Systems, no. 52, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Elsevier, pp. 78-90, 2013.
Magazine Article
Billhardt, H., and M. Lujak, "Un sistema multiagente para dar apoyo a asistencias en emergencias médicas", Novática (Revista de la Asociación de Técnicos de Informática), no. 218, Barcelona, Spain, ATI, pp. 37-42, 2012.